Personal Colour Analysis

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A personalised, one-on-one colour analysis and consultation session will give you the opportunity to find out what colours are best for you and how you can use your personalised colour palette when you go shopping for outfits and accessories!

About our Personalised Colour Analysis

Fifty percent of the success of a client’s total visual image results from wearing the right colours.

Regardless of whether they are wearing a garment perfect for their body shape and age, if it is unflattering to their colouring it will instantly sabotage their appearance.

“Your Personal Colour Analysis”
It’s our belief that no colour consultation is complete without giving clients everything they need to easily remember and adapt the information into their daily lives, making shopping for clothes, accessories and make-up hassle free and effective. In our opinion this includes not only a colour swatch but also all the information covered during their consultation.

Our innovative products are designed and made in Australia that deliver more than any other company. Our Personal Colour Analysis program is a perfect example of our philosophy.

Each colour kit ensures :

* The client’s need for colour accuracy, education and flexibility
* The consultant’s need for accuracy, personalisation, simplicity, speed, quality and current materials

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A single, one-on-one session with our Principal Consultant, Veronica Yeo.

What you will get :

Colour Swatches – Each swatch contains:
* A single session of not more than 90 minutes consultation and colour analysis session with our consultant
* A fan design with specially selected colours so clients can use the swatch as a reference guide to discover thousands of colours that suit them

60 colour chips (at least 10 more chips than any other company) and three double-sided information chips in the front

Information on the back of each colour chip:
hair, skin and eye enhancer or intensifier boxes
name of the colour
temperature of the colour
the colour’s wardrobe designation: core, basic, accent, universal
the psychological effect the colour is likely to have on other people
the lifestyle the colour is most suited to e.g. business, casual, active, etc.

* A 38 page, full colour manual specific to each swatch

Your Personal Colour Analysis program is designed to ensure that personalising a swatch to perfectly suit a client is quick, easy and accurate. Within the personalisation process consultants use our unique ‘colour continuum’ charts to ensure all colours selected are perfect for the client.


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