Personal Style Analysis

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Personal style is ever evolving; and how you once expressed yourself in clothes may not be who you are.

A personalised, one-on-one style analysis and consultation session will give you the opportunity to identify your personality style and help you to find the best personal style choices that will resonate strongly with your personal and professional status.

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A successful visual image results from wearing the right styles that are both flattering to the wearer’s body and appropriate for the time, location and occasion.

Wearing the right styles is equally as important as wearing the right colours – without the right colours or styles, your appearance or image will be compromised.

It took years of experience before an image consultant could quickly and accurately assess a client’s body, age, needs, desires and lifestyle and then transfer the information into which garment and accessory elements would suit them best. Even when a consultant has obtained the skill to do this, most clients can only handle a small amount of information at any one time. The most any image consultant can generally do is to give the client general style guidelines to follow, or specific information for a specific function or lifestyle need.

What you will get:
* A one-on-one session of not more than 90 minutes with our Principal Consultant, Veronica Yeo.
* Measuring you and working out your horizontal and vertical body shape.
* Analysing your Face Shape
* Defining your style Personality
* Your personalised style manual & online personal guide to use & learn that recaps all the information for you to use at home. You will learn what styles are best for your body shape, how & when to wear them.


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