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Our programs are all about educating & empowering women (and men too!) to invest in their personal image and personal brand in pursuit of success.

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Personal Image & Branding Coaching

Topics include:

  • Basic makeup
  • Building your personal brand
  • How to dress for success
  • Networking etiquette
  • Social etiquette
  • Building a wardrobe for success

Personal & Corporate Makeup

Learn the basics of skin care & learn the basic techniques of applying makeup in a hands-on environment. Topics include:

  • Choosing the right foundation colour
  • Choosing the right colour for your face powder
  • Choosing the best eye shadow colour to complement your skin tone
  • How to pick the right blusher colour
  • How to pick the best lipstick colours
  • How to shape your eyebrows

Personalised Colour Analysis

Find out what your best personal colour choices are, so that you can choose the best accessories and outfits that will enhance your skin tone and under-tone. We use a visual & practical colours draping exercise to show you how the right colours can make a big difference to how you look!

Personalised Style Analysis

Learn how to connect your image and personal brand to your professional and social status, and then identify your personal style that resonates and reflects your image and brand.

Pageant & Contest Coaching

Topics include:

  • Basic photographic poses & techniques
  • Basic catwalk training
  • Basic makeup
  • Basic personal grooming & deportment

Career & Interview Coaching

Topics include:

  • Resume writing & personal profile building
  • How to dress for success
  • Top 10 interview blunders
  • What employers are looking for at an interview
  • Communication skills
  • Body language
  • Interview conduct & follow up

Are We Recognised Trainers?

Yes! Ms Veronica Yeo was trained and certified in 2010, under the “Mastering The Basics Of Image Consulting” course by Image Innovators founded by Ms Ann Reinten AICI CIP who is a well-known and respected trainer, image consultant, and award-winning image products creator.

The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) certifies the Image Consulting course with Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Image Innovators is the largest image consulting company in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the largest in the world. All Image Innovators courses are recognised within their own countries.


Special and all thanks to Ms. Veronica Yeo, founder of Veronica Yeo Academy (formerly known as ARoyalty Image), for her time and guidance to walk me through the journey of Miss Singapore World 2011. Without her support, guidance & motivation, I would not have shined through my personality with my own style on the stage with different poses.

Her advice had not only transformed me into a beautiful butterly, but also instilled confidence into me, such that I was able to stride out on stage gracefully and with pride. I relentlessly believe that you are able to impact and transform young ladies to find their real selves with all your experiences and advice. Thank you so much!

Ng Shi Wah

Winner, Miss Singapore World 2011 & Miss Personality

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