Celine Yeo, Miss Teen Singapore South East Asia 2012

I would like to thank Ms Veronica Yeo for her time and efforts in training and coaching me, and preparing me for the catwalk, self-introduction, choosing of gowns, beachwear, national costume, makeup, and hair throughout the prejudging and grand finals. She even went to the extent of bringing back a whole set of beachwear with props from Manila (The Philippines) just to make sure that I have everything I need for the contest. I can see myself being transformed from an introvert teenager to a confident beauty queen under her watchful guidance.

Trina Teo, Elite Mrs Singapore 2011 (Mrs Charity) & Mrs Beaufont Radiance 2011

Thank you Veronica, for recruiting me into the Elite Mrs Singapore 2011 pageant. Your coaching and support and a quick overview of pageant catwalk, portfolio preparations & preparing for the question & answer segment was indeed helpful and insightful.


On behalf of AWWA Integration Services,, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks  to Ms Veronica Yeo for her voluntary work with AWWA on 17 September 2011.

She conducted ‘Personal Branding’ workshop for the youths with Physical Disabilities. Veronica is a very passionate and committed volunteer who took initiative in interacting with the youths and taking good care of them. the youths find the workshop engaging and interesting and they had definitely benefitted from the session.

We appreciate her great help and kindness to our beneficiaries and look forward to have her continue her services with us in future.

Jan Lee

Volunteer Management Executive, AWWA Integration Services

Through a friend, I got to know about the Lil Miss Singapore SEA Children Friendship Beauty Pageant, and I signed my daughter, Charlene Jody Lim for this competition.

I would like to thank Ms Veronica Yeo for her guidance and coaching my daughter during the 4 days of pageant training at her studio. Not only did she display patience in explaining the contest rules and necessary preparations, she instilled confidence in my daughter who was initially very shy, and this is her first time in a pageant competition. Now, I can see a different Charlene, one who shines and is full of confidence in her catwalk, self introduction and her poses. Her step by step guidance and Q&A section also helped my daughter prepare well for this event.

Veronica, a very big thank you to you for your selfless coaching and I am happy that my daughter has improved in such a short time during your training.

Caroline Tong

Mother of Charlene Jody Lim, Winner of Lil' Miss Singapore Universal 2012 & Best Interview Award

My experiences gained from this pageant contest were fruitful and unforgettable and I would like to share and thank Ms Veronica Yeo for her time and guidance. The makeover and coaching such as catwalk and makeup had boosted my confidence and courage greatly. Her myriad of experiences inspired me beyond my expectations. With these, I am motivated and stride out on the stage gracefully and beamed confidently.

Dear Veronica, thank you for all the encouragement and support!

Guo Siling Dior

Mrs Singapore 2011

Dear Veronica, thank you very much. Through ARoyalty Image (now known as Veronica Yeo Academy), your coaching helped me to get ready for my first Charity Beauty Pageant. In short notice, she was able to accommodate my schedule. The catwalk strategies that she designed for me suits my style & personality.

Ms Veronica is a very professional and elegant image consultant. She provides first class consultation for her clients and is able to transform me to be more confident.

She even took the trouble to help me video my walk so that we can discuss about how to project a better stage presence which I appreciate deeply.

Nancy Gan

Charity Queen 2011


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