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You will never have a second chance to make a first impression.

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Our workshops will equip you with confidence to look great and feel great.

In today’s competitive global market place, looking good and confident is winning half the battle.

Because when you look good, we will look good too.

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Discover your true style personality and revamp your image in 21 days

Our 21-Day Style Blueprint Challenge will take you through the process of understanding your style personality and to help you revamp your wardrobe so that every wardrobe item you own will reflect your unique style, giving your self-confidence some much needed oomph to kick off 2017.

One email per day for 21 days, and you’ll see a brand new you at the end of it!

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Get your EBOOK "21 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand" NOW

You might have heard that your personal image and personal brand is important to help you achieve the success you deserve.


Now what?

I’ve put together an e-book that can help you get started! Learn what are some of the important elements of image and branding, and how you can make some simple changes to your wardrobe and daily habits and be well on your way.

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Receive Style Blue Print For The Next 21 Days (for the price less than half a cup of coffee daily)

This 21-Day Style Blueprint Challenge will take your hand (figuratively, of course) and guide you step-by-step towards discovering your ideal personal style that is 100% personalised towards your personal and professional life

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Our Programs

Personal Image & Branding Coaching

Learn the basics about makeup & dressing for success, and get the insider tips on networking and social etiquette. We’ll help you look good and feel confident in no time!

Personal & Corporate Makeup Workshops

Our makeup workshops will introduce you to everything you need to know to choose the right foundation colour, lipstick colour, blusher colour, and much more! Join our private hands-on workshop sessions to get the best beauty tips from industry professionals.


Personalised Colour Analysis

We’ll help you figure out the colours you should choose to bring out the best in you, and those that will help you convey the image and personal brand you desire to achieve.

Personalised Style Analysis

Does your personal style scream “YOU”? When styling yourself, consider your professional and social status, as well as the image and personal brand you are trying to achieve. Our personalised style analysis service will get you there.

Pageant & Contest Coaching

There is more to a pageant and beauty contest than you might imagine. Photography posing techniques, catwalk tricks, deportment, grooming, and so much more. We’ve had years of experience participating in beauty pageants of all kinds and also as part of the judging panel. Get all the insider tips and tricks!

Career & Interview Coaching

With 30 years of Human Resources Management experience under her belt, Veronica has seen it all. With her guidance, you will be able to clearly identify your career goals, what you need to do to get there, and get practical advice for interviews.

We’ll get you on the path to success

Established in 2010, we were previously known as ARoyalty Image. In 2016, we decided that we wanted our name to reflect what we are truly about – educating & empowering women to invest in their personal image and personal brand in pursuit of success. And so, Veronica Yeo Academy was born. Today, we work with corporations and individuals who see the value personal image, grooming, etiquette, and how it can affect their businesses and personal lives.

Personal Coaching

We’ll work with you one-on-one to identify your goals and start taking practical steps to achieve those goals

Corporate Coaching

Do your employees need a refresher course about personal grooming & etiquette? Particularly important in customer-facing & hospitality roles, we can help get everyone up to standard.

Pageants & Contests

Don’t go into a beauty pageant or contest unprepared! We’ll work with you on areas such as makeup, department, speech, and more, so you’ll shine on stage!

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