I have been working in the corporate world as a HR Professional for more than twenty-five years. Having interviewed thousands of job applicants during my course of work, I noticed that many people typically do not place much emphasis on their personal image at interviews. Often times, one’s personal image and presentation has the potential to either further swing open or shut those doors of opportunity that were already open for them at interviews or networking events. And this happens in a matter of seconds.

As such, I decided to embark on this mission to change one person at a time, to make a difference to the way people market themselves at social events, business environment, job interviews, business presentations, networking events, or other events, just like businesses would invest in marketing a product, service, or company.

I trained in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in personal image as well as branding consulting with very specialised, specific skills and knowledge. I hold numerous qualifications and have been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, and each of these serve to demonstrate my ability to deliver what I truly believe in.

These include:

  • Masters of Science in Human Resource Management
  • Certified Image Consultant & Trainer (training completed in Melbourne, Australia)
  • Certified Employment Intermediary (KAH)
  • Lady of Excellence 2012
  • SE Asia Business Excellence Award 2013
  • Golden Phoenix Award 2014
  • Singapore Golden Brand Award 2016
  • Elite Mrs International Singapore 2010
  • Mrs SE Asia 2011
  • Mrs Heritage International 2015

Others Consult – We Get Results


We don’t just talk the talk – we also walk the real walk. Everything we teach is reflected in everything we do, and this will continuously inspire you to persevere.

Forward Thinking

We are always thinking about how we can improve what we do as we move forward. We will also do the same for you, ensuring we are thinking about the bigger picture with you.

Problem Solvers

We don’t just deliver the same content to everyone. We recognise that everyone has a unique problem and we do our best to solve yours.

Customer Support

We don’t rest until each of our clients achieve their goals – we’ll support you each step of the way!


Our Co-Trainers

Makeup Workshop Trainers

At our hands-on makeup workshops, Veronica Yeo Academy works & collaborates with a team of professional and qualified makeup co-trainers. They include:

  • Mr. Cedric Ong – Former grooming trainer at a major airlines for over 10 years
  • Ms. May Maya – Professional Bridal makeup artist and trainer at Flawless Beauty for more than 10 years
  • Ms. Cindy Lin – Professional Bridal makeup artist and trainer at WArtistry for over three years
  • Mr. Eddie Ang – Local fashion and bridal couture designer, and owner of Swagger Couture


I would like to thank Ms Veronica Yeo for her guidance and for coaching my daughter during the 4 days of pageant training at her studio. Not only did she display patience in explaining the contest rules and providing necessary preparations, she instilled confidence in my daughter who was initially very shy, and this is her first time in a pageant competition. Now, I could see a different Charlene, who shines and is full of confidence in her catwalk, self-introduction, and her poses. Her step-by-step guidance and Q&A training also helped my daughter prepare well for this event. Veronica, a very big thank you for your selfless coaching and I am happy that my daughter has improved in such a short time during your training. I will not hesitate to introduce your services to others who may be interested to take part.

Caroline Tong

Mother of Charlene Jody Lim, Winner of Lil' Miss Singapore Universal 2012 & Best Interview Award

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