Men Of Style


You have begun a journey of personal style discovery.

This is a journey that will change the way you look at yourself, clothes and fashion forever.

The recommendations and guidelines in this portfolio have been designed to simplify your life, make shopping for clothes easier and help you to look and feel your very best.

Once you know you look great your self-esteem and self-confidence will increase dramatically.
You will walk, talk and think differently.

Confidence in yourself and your appearance will cause doors to magically open and attract new and exciting opportunities your way.

Business and social relationships will blossom and your chances of career advancement will be significantly improved.

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Personal style is more than just the aesthetics; it is a reflection of you as an individual.

It’s an indicator of your self-esteem, confidence, status and success.

To own a great image is to empower yourself with visual power. A power that even before you say a word has induced others to see as successful, attractive and someone worth knowing.

When you look great, you’ll feel great and people will notice and will treat you with respect. A personal great image also attracts opportunities both social and business that a man with a poor presentation will never receive.

The Details
Mens Style Solutions has been created specifically for you and covers the following areas:

* Body Analysis – A body assessment has been made according to your physical characteristics. This creates an picture of your body shape which allows the program to generate a platform of information from which design elements of garments and accessories can be assessed for you.

* Style Selection – Based on your body analysis your program will give you comprehensive and specific style recommendations that will enhance your physical appearance. Shopping and co-ordination or clothes will become easier and your wardrobe will soon fill with things that make you look and feel great.


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